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Our core principle is that we don’t give aid, we build sustainable partnerships. Our interventions must provide a long-term solution or relief to the original issue identified.

The interventions must impart knowledge and skills to give local community members the initiative and the ability to replicate and scale projects in the future, developing their own sources of necessary funding. It is our intention that all of our partnerships will have an exit strategy, whereby all skills and responsibility are handed over completely to the school management team.

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Maximum transparency and accountability

We have put in place robust monitoring systems to ensure that our beneficiaries, partners and supporters are as informed about our work as our teams are. We comply with Charity Commission requirements and our Reports and Accounts for KHULA both in South Africa and in the UK are published on our site.


Funds are applied for maximum benefit

We do not discriminate and are fully inclusive. We apply our funding to projects which will provide educational benefits for the maximum number of school pupils. We really care about getting value for money so that funds are not wasted and by being careful about funds we can be of more value to the community.

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U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that to combat the main issues facing humanity there must be a combined effort between all agencies. As such we look to partner with other NGOs working within our region or focus area to share ideas and resources, contributing to Goal 17 creating ‘Partnerships for the goals’.

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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

We will respect your privacy and will not circulate your contact details to anyone outside of KHULA.
Each time a visitor comes to our site our server collects basic technical information, for example the visitor’s domain name, browser and platform type. We also count the visitor’s activity in our analysis of general traffic flow. We will not disclose your individual identity or personally identifiable data to any third party.

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