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Our Impact

We work with the schools within the area where David worked - the Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana battlefields - and have built very successful working partnerships.

In our partner schools there has been a 48% improvement in pass marks, 32% improvement in children going on to tertiary education and 56% improvement in student retention.


The Future

We will continue to work with the area's underfunded schools, helping them identify their needs and possible solutions, working with partner organisations to upgrade facilities, providing teacher training and extra-curricular activities such as art classes and summer camps.

We have recently created a Resource Centre at Rorke’s Drift to deliver even more effective support to the schools with whom we partner. The dedicated Science, Maths, IT and English teachers, new IT suite and careers guidance service will be an invaluable resource to our underfunded, overstretched schools.

The Hub will create a new concept for the delivery of effective assistance to schools which we hope to then emulate in other areas.

What We Do

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